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One-on-One Bereavement Support

What are the benefits of One-on-one bereavement support for grief?

One on one counseling and telehealth provides a licensed therapist or an associate therapist who specializes in grief to help you understand the grieving process, provide a safe space to express your feelings, teaches tools to help you function and feel better as you move through your grieving process

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Bereavement Groups

What are the benefits of Bereavement Groups for grief?

Bereavement support groups provide a safe space to feel, express, and share you grief. A trained bereavement counselor will help create a healing atmosphere while guiding discussions about grief. Participants will connect with one another and create a community that offer support and socialization outside of the group.

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Community Activities

What are the benefits of Community Activities for grief?

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Children and Teens

What are the benefits of Children and Teens for grief?

Children and teenagers have been touched in a unique way during the pandemic. It is important to have specialized programs that address their unique and changing needs. Expressive therapies allow children and teens to find a way to connect with their grief and build resiliency.

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Actividades en español

¿Cuáles son los beneficios de participar en actividades para el duelo?

Es imperativo que seamos capaces de expresar nuestro dolor en nuestro propio idioma. Los terapeutas y consejeros de duelo brindan apoyo a nuestra comunidad de hispanohablantes, educan sobre el dolor y la perdida, enseñan herramientas y abordan las normas culturales para llegar a las personas que están de duelo, de una manera que sea cómoda para su personalidad única, dentro de su cultura única.

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Trainings and Outreach

What are the benefits of Training and Outreach for grief?

Trainings will be provided to all licensed therapists, associate therapists, and professionals in the community who regularly come in contact with people who are grieving. Participants must meet certain criteria. Training curriculum is established by The Dougy Center, world renowned experts in grief and bereavement. Training will provide information about grief, activities and assessments that can help create goals in grief counseling, and tools that can help a bereaved person move through their grief. Trainings will be provided in Salinas and Soledad and will be provided in Spanish and English (Spanish trainings will be provided by a bilingual, end of life practitioner outside not associated with the Dougy Center).

Outreach is a strong focus of our programs with the goal of reaching EVERYONE in Monterey county. Our outreach specialist will be working with CCA, churches, employers, community centers, schools, and many other groups to be sure there are no barriers to people accessing bereavement support. Almost all services are provided in Spanish and English and will be held at times and locations that work for individual communities. We welcome community members to join our outreach by helping us spread the word. 

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Our services for healthcare and frontline workers

Heal Together is here to help the frontline workers who have been caring for our community during the pandemic. A sample list of available services includes:


  • Retreats for healthcare workers which include grief education, self-care activities, and massage therapy.

  • Education in grief and self-care for nonprofit employees and educators, available in English and Spanish. 

  • Grief workshops including interactive activities such as tai chi, meditation, yoga, and Zumba upon request.

  • Opportunities for artistic expression through music therapy, art therapy, and creative cooking demonstrations.

  • Participation in bereavement or processing groups tailored to the specific needs of this critical population.

  • Access to therapeutic musicians to create a healing experience for staff and residents of healthcare facilities.

  • Training for facilitators of bereavement groups for children, teens, and adults in a variety of specialty areas as well.

  • Referrals to licensed mental health professionals with experience serving healthcare and other frontline workers.



For more information please contact or call 831-320-0947.

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