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Bereavement Groups

What are the benefits of Bereavement Groups for grief?

Bereavement support groups provide a safe space to feel, express, and share your grief. A trained bereavement counselor will help create a healing atmosphere while guiding discussions about grief. Participants will connect and create to build a community that offers support and socialization outside of the group.

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Apoyo en Español

¿Cuáles son los beneficios de participar en actividades para el duelo?

Es imperativo que seamos capaces de expresar nuestro dolor en nuestro propio idioma. Los terapeutas y consejeros de duelo brindan apoyo a nuestra comunidad de hispanohablantes, educan sobre el dolor y la perdida, enseñan herramientas y abordan las normas culturales para llegar a las personas que están de duelo, de una manera que sea cómoda para su personalidad única, dentro de su cultura única.

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Children and Teens

What are the benefits of Children and Teens for grief?

Children and teenagers have been touched uniquely during the pandemic. It is essential to have specialized programs that address their unique and changing needs. Expressive therapies allow children and teens to find a way to connect with their grief and build resiliency.

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