Recently, our community has experienced isolation and loss. Families of more than 600 individuals faced the death of a loved one to COVID-19, and some estimates show that number may be nearly 60% higher. Levels of depression and anxiety are rising as well, particularly among vulnerable populations including children and teens, older adults, and low-income groups. Healthcare providers have been profoundly impacted by the persistent stress of caring for patients with COVID-19 and observing traumatic deaths in the ICUs as well.  

Heal Together offers an opportunity to turn the tide of loss toward a future of renewal. 

The Heal Together Hub is a central source of information on community resources to respond to grief, loss, and anxiety. Call 1-831-320-0947 or complete this form to reach out for assistance including: 

  • Bilingual bereavement groups with trained facilitators. 

  • Counseling with a licensed professional. 

  • Expressive therapies for children. 

  • More services coming soon! 

Heal Together is designed to include broad community-wide outreach to ensure individuals of all backgrounds have access to quality information on grief. Next spring there will be opportunities for licensed professionals and community volunteers to undergo training in grief and bereavement. Please reach out for more information. 

Heal Together combines the talents of mental health professionals and trusted community agencies to meet the incredible need for healing and hope today. 

Coastal Kids Home Care

With over fifteen years of experience caring for children with serious illness and those facing end-of-life, Coastal Kids Home Care has long prioritized bereavement care to help parents and siblings heal after loss. Early in 2020, we recognized that our whole community was hurting. With an expanding mental health counseling program, we were able to broaden access to counseling for children and teens.


Licensed bilingual counselors served families and children without interruption via telehealth or with social distancing. In early 2021, we incorporated Papillon Center for Loss and Transition adult bereavement groups into our programs. Margy Mayfield, Executive Director of Coastal Kids Home Care stated, “When we heard about the Heal Together initiative, our team recognized an opportunity to collaborate with community partners to bring healing and growth during these difficult times.”


The Heal Together Hub at Coastal Kids Home Care initiated services in early December. Please continue to check back for more resources. Our community is grieving. Heal Together is here to help.

Hospice Giving Foundation

In response to the suffering so many have experienced throughout the pandemic, Hospice Giving Foundation established Heal Together, a major grant focused exclusively on the expansion of grief and bereavement care, to be available bilingually throughout Monterey County. Siobhan Greene, President, and CEO of Hospice Giving Foundation commented, “Though some of us may have been spared tragic, profound loss, we all have shared experiences ranging from lost routines, isolation, or missing loved ones and friends. Grief from this pandemic is palpable. This initiative is completely aligned with our mission. The gratitude we have for all who contributed is immense, and to our providers locally, we thank you and are honored to be able to help.”


On Thursday, Dec 9th Hospice Giving Foundation announced the local non-profit organization that was awarded the Heal Together Grant was Coastal Kids Home Care.


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